2020 is a year we will NEVER forget! A virus has broken out and the gloomiest one on earth couldn’t be happier!
Here’s a copy of the Santa Fe Fiesta Song, which you will hear at the end of Zozobra but I thought I would share to get you in the mood for tomorrow nights burning. I hope everyone a fun and safe evening as Zozobra will be broadcast only this year due to Covid -19.
Last nights practice was bitter sweet.
At first, I was exited that the team gets to have a Zozobra all to themselves but this morning as I was writing a post on social media, I actually cried that we are unable to have your beautiful faces in the crowd, cheering us on as we burn our gloom away!
I hope everyone is able to have the night off to make a classic New Mexican dish and desert and celebrate with us virtually and know that we will miss you but if we all put our gloom in to burn, maybe next year we can do this all together. Happy Zozobra Day!!!

Spanish Lyrics:
Santa Fe, tus fiestas de Septiembre

Se Celebran en la capital

Con Zozobra quemando las penas

Ya kas fiestas van a comenzar

Tus mujeres llenas de alegria

Pregonando van su nuevo amor

A a luz de grandes luminarias

Van cantando con placer esta cancion


Si Senor, como nom, vamonos al vacilon

A bailar y gozar de esta linda poblacion


Santa Fe Fiesta Song (English)
Music by Billy Palau, English Lyrics by Avalee Turner

In old Santa Fe we have La Fiesta

‘Tis the time for singing, dance and play

On this day we do not take la siesta

While Zozobra burns the gloom away

Steel guitars are softly strumming music

Senorita, come along with me

Luminarias all are shining brightly

At the baile, fancy costumes you will see


Si Senor, como no, let’s go out and have some fun

And we’ll see Santa Fe in Conquistadores way