Zozobra Rules


Today I witnessed the awesomeness of Ray Sandoval. I know that I speak on behalf of the entire city and Will “Shus” Shuster when I say Thank You and Zozobra Rules! You stated our case with strength and conviction to the Committee for Quality of Life who was gathered to listen to the possibility of revoking the city permit to allow Zozobra to burn on Friday Night this year at Ft. Marcy Park.

The Downtown Merchants, who can’t adjust to the cultural event that brings these merchants over 40,000 people for 1 night the opportunity to capitalize off of any of these 40,000 individuals and instead of working they are complaining and closing in protest. How idiotic! It makes the city look bad. I like how they say that local Santa Feans aren’t their “type of crowd”?!?! What the hell does that mean?

Once Ray made our case, the attitude for the most part shifted in support for the most part. You will be happy that we are on our way to getting Zozobra and Fiesta’s back together in the next year(s) to come.

Que Viva Zozobra! Que

Viva La Fiesta de Santa Fe!