All the Retablos (which means tablets) at Theresa’s Art Gallery are painted by the owner, Theresa Vigil Montoya and her husband Richard Montoya.

Considered to be Hispanic Folk Art’s aka Santeros: those who paint saints, this married dynamic have a family store just north of Chimayo and just south of Santa Cruz. 

We were featured Retablo Artists in Santa Fe Spanish Market, largest Folk Art Market in the USA for over 15 years and have taught Retablo painting to different Educational /Art groups, and private lessons.

Retablos are considered as Spanish Colonial Folk Art, it is up to the individual to interpret them as they wish either Folk Art or Religious Art, you do not need to be catholic or religious to own one.

Retablo art came from our ancestors which they brought from Spain to New Mexico.

Richard’s work is featured in the Smithsonian in Washington DC and the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe, NM, with his large Nuestra Senor de Guadalupe Retablo.

The Art and Theresa’s Art Gallery have been featured in numerous saint books, news paper articles and National publications. Each Retablo is individual hand painted on pine wood with acrylic paints, average size is 8x 5 1/2 inches.

Our Retablos are in numerous Church’s and places of worship through out the world.

We have the largest collection of hand painted Retablos in New Mexico over 300. As small as 2 inches up to 6 ft. and also Alta Screens for shrines, the only gallery in NM that carries Retablos of Women and Prophets of the Old Testament, which many Jews Gift shops buy from the store!

If you visit our Facebook page Theresa’s Art Gallery and Studio you can see other Art we carry and some more of our Retablos most unique one is “The Beatle Retablos” St. John , Apostle Paul, St. George and St. Richard ( Ringo’s) births name.

Each panel has a back ground of a song of the Beatles, my favorite is Yellow Submarine in the sea of green and Straw Berries Forever”.

You can view a video of the Beatle Panels and the explanation on Facebook. We have a copyright we got back in the 80’s for this Beatle Retablo idea and were featured in a Book called Beatle Art from around the World you can see book on Amazon.

So no one else has these for sale but us the Artists. Richard is a Big Beatle fan / fanatic who came up with this idea.

Just a 30 minute ride north of Santa Fe in beautiful northern New Mexico, follow our signs from Chimayo!