ZozobracountychambersAs you haven’t noticed already, Zozobra is up to his old tricks by spreading gloom and doom to the City Different! If you would like to participate in the Where in Santa Fe is Zozobra? campaign then please keep your cameras ready to snap a picture of Zozobra and the The Santa Fe VIP together and tag us on social media! Post those images to The Santa Fe VIP’s Facebook page or the Official Burning of Zozobra wall or if you’re on Twitter then tag us with #MyZozobra!

Keep your eyes peeled and spot our cities favorite boogie man and win tickets to the 2nd Annual ViP Cocktail Party on August 22 at the Old Border’s Books in Sanbusco Center! Who knows…maybe you will be the next to know where in Santa is Zozobra? is located.

Let’s Have Some Fun!