ZozobraGovernorAPBZozobra was having a rough day yesterday unable to find gloomies so he went to KSVW studios and he couldn’t get his message out clearly on the air only to end the day by finding out that Governor Martinez has issued an APB for his arrest.

This has upset Zozobra greatly and now Zozobra promises to go out and cause as much gloom and doom on Santa Fe and all of its residents for the rest of the summer! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I urge la gente de Santa Fe to keep their pets indoors and keep your eyes peeled cause you never know where in Santa Fe is Zozobra going to show up next and don’t worry cause the more you worry, the stronger Zozobra gets!

Zozobra says, “You can’t catch me. All your gloom is giving me the strength to spread more fears and gloom all over Santa Fe”

Good luck with trying to stop me much less catching me Governor Martinez!









Zozobra doesn’t look really amused… ZozobraGovernor