Look at the great news I got the other day…  Thanks MIX Santa Fe and Thanks Sara and Kate! Vince, I and the rest of the team are excited that the Santa Fe Stories Project Get’s MIXED!
Hi Vince & Victor,
How are you?! I hope all is well and you are enjoying this lovely spring weather (finally)!!

Your Santa Fe Stories/Santa Fe VIP  project was chosen for the July MIxstarter event. CVF and MIX had to come to a consensus on all projects and this is what that group (10-12 people) decided. Everyone is quite excited about the idea and think it will be awesome!

We will have the participation guidelines ready to send to you by the end of this/beginning of next week. The crowd funding will be live online July 1-31 and your presence at the July 17th event is required.
Exciting! More to follow!

Sara Magaletta
MIX Coordinator

MIX Santa Fe