Every year for the past 305 years the Fiestas de Santa Fe, the oldest civic celebration in the United States, has been reenacted, celebrated and blessed with descendants of the original Spanish settling families of Santa Fe along with our newcomers to the area. One special song is sung out loud on the plaza most of the week starting from the burning of Zozobra to the closing mass at St. Francis Cathedral Basilica which the music was written by Billy Palau and the Spanish Lyrics were written by Johnny Valdes, Jr..

So when you come to visit Santa Fe the 2nd weekend of September please join us in the Fiesta song and be a part of history.

Santa Fe Fiesta Song (Spanish)
Music by Billy Palau, Spanish Lyrics by Johnny Valdes, Jr.

Spanish Lyrics:
Santa Fe, tus fiestas de Septiembre

Se Celebran en la capital

Con Zozobra quemando las penas

Ya kas fiestas van a comenzar

Tus mujeres llenas de alegria

Pregonando van su nuevo amor

A a luz de grandes luminarias

Van cantando con placer esta cancion


Si Senor, como nom, vamonos al vacilon

A bailar y gozar de esta linda poblacion


Santa Fe Fiesta Song (English)
Music by Billy Palau, English Lyrics by Avalee Turner

In old Santa Fe we have La Fiesta

‘Tis the time for singing, dance and play

On this day we do not take la siesta

While Zozobra burns the gloom away

Steel guitars are softly strumming music

Senorita, come along with me

Luminarias all are shining brightly

At the baile, fancy costumes you will see


Si Senor, como no, let’s go out and have some fun

And we’ll see Santa Fe in Conquistadores way