Two of my favorite things have finally come together with one artist who is taking New Mexico retablos and cookies to an entirely different level with Retablo Cookies.

Local Santa Fe artist and baker Doug Nava has been creating New Mexican retablos (religious icons painted on wood with natural pigments) for over 30 years. His grandmother, to this day, still has his original drawings/paintings of St. Francis and the Guadalupe Doug did at the age of 5.
These original pieces of art were created with magic marker and crayons. Doug was so inspired by his religion and religious upbringing that at the age of 6 he showed up at a Halloween party at school dressed as St. Francis.

Doug has since then, continued his artwork as a way to pass the time and to continue his commitment to his craft.  Doug has also participated in the annual Spanish Market in the Contemporary market with apiece done in the pointillism style of the procession of La Conquestadora.

Recently, after the death of his partner, Mark England, Doug sought refuge in his artwork and his passion for baking by mixing the two passions he has together and creating works of edible art on delicious sugar cookies with your favorite saints, archangels and other religious icons painted right on them have become the new rage in Santa Fe.

I have given one of Doug’s creations to my partner Leo Jaramillo with a painting of Archangel Rafael and sadly I can’t report on how delicious the cookies are because Leo refuses to eat the cookie.

If you or someone you know would like a cookie or a dozen of them please contact Doug Nava at to place an order.  Doug Nava also bakes cakes and decorates them in any style you desire. After experiencing the artist in action, these cookies are time consuming and worth the $10 asking price. These retablo cookies are a must have for any occasion, for any one, for every celebration.

Doug Nava is currently working as an innkeeper at the Guadalupe Inn on Agua Fria. Doug continues to bake and creating his retablos.


Watch Doug as he paints Our Lady of Guadalupe on a cookie….Enjoy!