The Essentials for Supervisors Training Program is designed for motivated frontline supervisors, with two or more direct reports, who wish to improve their supervisory skills. The program teaches supervisors what they need to know to be successful through interactive skills training. The program also allows supervisors to build a network of supportive peers from other organizations who can be sounding boards to share and discuss supervisory challenges.

David Markwardt directs Teamwork in Action at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) and owns David Markwardt Consulting, LLC. He is the leadership skills trainer for SFCC’s Leadership Institute and Supervisor Series and for Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Santa Fe and Youth Leadership Santa Fe.

10 FRIDAYS (HALF-DAYS): 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. January 15–March 18, 2016

LOCATION: Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce

1644 St Michaels Drive, Santa Fe, NM

COST: $795

TRAINING TOPICS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: • Introduction to Supervision • Understanding Personality Types and Your Supervisory Style • Developing Effective Communication Skills • Resolving Conflict and Supervising Difficult People • Giving and Receiving Feedback • Managing Time, Energy and Stress • Mentoring and Delegating • Supervising and Participating in Work Teams • Motivating Employees • Making Tough Decisions • Overcoming Resistance to Change • Engaging and Empowering Employees • Understanding Human Diversity and Differences • Resiliency Training • Creating a Culture of Commitment and Accountability