Yes you heard it and yes it is true! Santa Fe Comic Con is coming and waiting for you to participate. Here is a list of the events planned for the 2 day Santa Fe Comic Con event happening at Buffalo Thunder Casino and Hotel on October 24th ~ 26th. New Mexico Tri Con featuring Horror, Sci Fi and Comic Books all rolled into the best for Santa Fe Comic Con following the 7th successful show of Albuquerque Comic Con Santa Fe Comic Con will bring the same quality and fun to the Santa Fe Community.

At the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico.

Thursday Launch Party Location and Time TBD

Friday 4pm-8pm (Celebrities do not come to this preview night)

After Party 10pm-12

Saturday 10am- 8pm

Film Screening 6pm-Midnight

Sunday 10am to 6pm

Concerts and Night Life

Friday Night Oct 24th 8pm-10pm Harp Twins Playing in the Vista Ball Room
Friday Night Oct 24th 10pm to Midnight – Ari Lehman the First Jason Launch Party Concert at Buffalo Thunder Shadeh Night Club

Saturday Night Oct 25th 8pm to 1am Sadeh Night Club official club party with Ari Lehman, Harp Twins, and DJ Saunders

Open Wound Film Festival

FRIDAY 4pm – 8pm:
Trailers/Teasers 4:10pm – 4:20pm (10 mins)
World of Death 4:20pm – 5:50pm (90 mins) Potential filmmakers in audience, Q&A? (15 mins tops)
Friday 13th w/ Ari in audience 6pm (95 mins) post Q&A until 8 pm.

SATURDAY 10am – 8pm
Trailers/Teasers 10:15am – 10:25am (10 mins)
*** Blood Runs Black 10:30am – 11:50pm (80 mins)
*** ERNIE HUDSON Man In The Silo (60 mins) 12:00pm – 1:15pm (Panel/Q&A after?)
*** 7-75 minute film selections 1:30pm – 3:30pm (117 mins)
-The Stomach, Carolina Parakeet, Insane, The Chosen, Waterborne, Let God Sort Them Out, House Call, Dead Hearts.
*** The Sacrament 4:00pm – 5:35pm (95 mins)
7 Minutes Short Film Competition winners/screeners 545pm – 6:30pm (48 Mins)
*** -Umbrella Factory, Pity, Bernard, Use Your Head, Project:EGO, Second Wind, ÔMÕIs For Montage, Mean Teddies, Possessed Forklift of Death, Zombies4Kids, The Visitant.
*** The Perfect Husband 630pm (85 mins) BEST FEATURE WINNER
LINDA BLAIR PRESENTS AWARDS for only competition films and best indie feature 8pm – 820pm. Then introduce…
The Exoricist 830pm – 10:30pm (122 mins) (intending to bleed over into start of our later after party stuff)

6-9pm Monster Prom/Flash Mob/DJ
9-10pm clear out bar of underage patrons
10pm horror themed burlesque (60 mins)
11:15pm Ari Lehman performance (60 mins?)

*** DURING AFTER PARTY IN SCREENING ROOM: We had also proposed potentially still showing films in the film room during the after parties? Here are some options that we could be screening during the after parties too:
Rabid Love
Home Sweet Home
Our Favorite Horror Films

SUNDAY 10am – 6pm
Teasers/Trailers 10:10am – 10:20am (10 mins)
Addams Family 10:20am – 11:50am (100 mins)
*** BACKUP 7-75 minute films 12:00pm – 1:40pm (98:30 mins)
*** – American Hell, Nocture, , The Rivalry, I Am Monster, Product of Hate, The Nightmare, Toybox.
*** Phobia 1:45pm – 3:10pm(85 mins)
*** NM FILMAKER SHOWCASE 3:30pm – 4:30pm(61 Mins)
-Dead Tapes Trailer, Sitter, The Participant, Halfway House,
Retina, Stump, Intruder, Zombiewood. (Panel w/ Local Filmmakers?)
Lazarus 4:30pm – 6pm (90 mins)

Is there ANYTHING that conflicts w this room and us screening films the whole time in this room? I need to know IMMEDIATELY to adjust schedule before we announce films in case I can no longer include all listed to shorten times.