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Power-Up Lunch Session with Cheryl Alters Jamison

For even more inspiration surrounding the Women’s Leadership Luncheon we have scheduled three POWER UP Lunch & Learn sessions on the Wednesdays prior to the luncheon as we focus on dynamic women who have powered through life’s biggest obstacles.
For the first part of the series we would like to proudly welcome:
Cheryl Alters Jamison
Hey there, I’m excited about food, and figure you are too, if you found your way here. I’m a home cook, cookbook author, and food authority who is passionate about sharing expertise and enthusiasm for exciting food and good eating.
I live outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico in a converted dairy barn where I tend a small flock of backyard chickens. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing a meal with family or friends. I get especially jazzed about barbecue, grilling, and other outdoor cooking, and the flavors of the American Southwest—New Mexico and Texas, in particular—and Mexico.
However, I like to dine out too, so you might see photos of tacos from my favorite truck on a back street or some fancy pants dining experiences.
You might come across a pic of pho I enjoyed in Vietnam or a pasta from Venice, because I love to travel to enjoy the world of other foods as well.
My cookbooks, many written with my late husband Bill Jamison, have earned James Beard Foundation awards on four occasions and multiple nominations for those and other awards over several decades. I’m proud to have been voted Edible New Mexico’s Local Heroes Best Food Writer award on two occasions.
Collectively, my books have sold over 2 million copies. I also bring you years of experience as a food editor for New Mexico Magazine, a frequent guest on national and regional television, and the host for more than four years of a food radio show, Heating It Up, available internationally through streaming and podcasts.