Fiesta 2021 Entertainment Schedule

It’s September and we all know it’s cultural season in Santa Fe and we have received the Fiesta 2021 Entertainment schedule for the bandstand.

2021 Fiesta de Santa Fe 309th ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE:
Friday, September 10th
1pm Grupo Euforia, 2pm Caballero Event, 3pm Legacy of Santa Fe, 4pm La Sociedad Colonial de Santa Fe, 5pm Peter Vigil and the Allstar band, 6pm Baile Illusion, 7pm Grupo Divino, 8pm Al Hurricane Jr.
Saturday, September 11th
9am 911 Event, 11am Grupo Euforia, Noon La Emi and the Youth of Santa Fe, 1pm Dawn Luz Padilla, 2pm Los Nino de Santa Fe, 3pm Fun Addix, 4pm Dickie Cordova y La Pleve, 5pm Northern 505 and Candace Vargas, 6pm Danny T and the Stealing Thunder Band 7pm Northern Revolution, 8pm Red Wine. 9pm to 11pm Grand Baile with Cuarento y Cinco on the plaza. A 50/50 raffle will be held.
Sunday, September 13
11am Albuquerque Dance Divas, Noon Los Anaya’s, 1pm Mariachi Differencia, 2pm Los Tropicales, 3pm Mark Rendon y Deztino, 4pm Sangre Joven.
History of the Santa Fe Fiestas:

The cry of “Viva la Fiesta” has been reverberating through the streets of Old Santa Fe every autumn for 306 years.

The sound generates a curious blend of thanksgiving, revelry and pride in the hearts of Santa Feans who celebrate Fiesta annually to commemorate Don Diego De Vargas’ peaceful reoccupation of the City of Holy Faith in 1692.

The historic capital is one of the oldest in the United States. It was established by Don Juan de Oñate at San Gabriel in 1598 and moved over 30 miles south to the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where Santa Fe was founded in 1610.

In 1680 the Indians revolted, burned the city and drove out the Spanish colonists, who fled to Guadalupe del Paso, now Juarez, Mexico.

They rescued from the burning church the 29-inch wood carved Marian statue, La Conquistadora, originally brought to Santa Fe in 1625 by the missionary, Fray Alonso de Benavides.