Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales will try to drop 20 pounds over 10 weeks as part of a health and fitness challenge at City Hall.

Gonzales, who has said he didn’t have enough time to exercise during the months-long campaign season before his March election, plans to set aside his inhibitions and step on scales Monday during an official weigh-in. “I’m going to dress down to trunks and a T-shirt just to make sure,” Gonzales said.

What’s being billed as the Mayor’s Gold Cup Health & Fitness Challenge begins June 16.

“The campaign will challenge players in three areas: exercise, eating right and community service,” according to the official rules. “All employees are invited to register teams of four to six co-workers for this fun and motivating 10-week health and fitness challenge.”

Frank Cordero, who works in the Mayor’s Office and will be on Gonzales’ team, said his goal is to lose 15 pounds. “I’ve done it before,” he said, adding that he has packed on some pounds because of a busy schedule and eating late before going to bed. Cordero said he didn’t mind getting on scales for the weigh-in. “If you have a baseline, you have a goal,” he said.

Here’s how the challenge will work:
Every week, team members will log the number of minutes that they exercised or did physical activity. “To encourage everyone to do their part and to reap the benefits of exercise, all members of a team must complete a minimum number of minutes in order for their team to score points,” the rules state.

Participants also score points by eating healthy food at work, though a co-worker must sign off as a witness. Each team member must have at least two signatures for the team to score.

“Bonus points can be earned … by having a healthy group lunch,” the rules state. “Bring a healthy snack for your co-workers to enjoy and score more bonus points.”

Teams can score additional points through community service. “Mayor Gonzales wants us all to remember that everyone benefits from a healthy community,” the rules state.