During this season of giving, PNM “Vision Grants” is highlighting the ways philanthropy and volunteering have expanded and changed this year to provide more impactful and timely support to local communities throughout the pandemic and beyond.

The PNM Resources Foundation took the lead with PNM “Vision Grants” to help address issues of increasing importance to New Mexico including community safety and reducing homelessness.

As a result, a total of $1.5 million was infused into communities, in addition to more than $500,000 in sponsorships and donations to a more in-depth group of nonprofits this year.

The need in our communities didn’t pause for the pandemic.

Instead, the disparities grew and the hairline cracks in direct service operations were exacerbated by ongoing supply chain issues and reduced volunteerism and workforce.

PNM responded by increasing support to low-income customers. Over 5,000 families received close to $940,000 in assistance on their PNM bill with the PNM Good Neighbor Fund.

While 2021 was a year of unforeseen crises, PNM was there to provide support.

As one example of many, an Albuquerque nonprofit, Tenderlove Community Center, experienced an emergency at their training facility.

Their roof was damaged due to extreme weather and it impacted their ability to provide jobs and hope.

“I am so grateful to the people with PNM and the PNM Resources Foundation. They immediately created emergency funding to assist, I am amazed at the dynamic ways they find to help others,” said Debbie Johnson, Founder/CEO of Tenderlove Community Center.

Hundreds of PNM employees and retirees volunteered over 6,000 virtual and in-person hours. Many gave directly to shelters, food pantries, schools, foundations, and more.

Others also provided their time, sweat, and sometimes tears for their in-person volunteerism.

Small groups and individuals packed food boxes, made grocery deliveries, wrote heartfelt and encouraging messages of hope and thanks, donated food to our healthcare heroes and public health and safety officers, sewed masks, shopped for, and donated supplies to schools, churches, and shelters.

Others were in direct-service to help combat the spread of the virus with community covid-testing, and later vaccination sites.

In light of the crisis at an Albuquerque middle school during the first week of classes, PNMR Foundation provided a $5,000 mental health grant to social workers and students and delivered pizza and coffee, along with a large card with signatures from employees.

PNM has a strong focus on supporting STEM and education for hundreds of students statewide through projects like the PNM/UNM Math contest and sponsorship of the UNM Research and Engineering Challenge in the spring.

In additional to active involvement with more than 300 organizations, PNM was a “Kindness Ambassador” to help capture at least one million acts of kindness in the state.

The result will be announced during the New Mexico Bowl, where PNM will also “gift” twenty teachers with funds for their classrooms.

PNM and its employees have remained steadfast and determined to serve the community to help meet evolving needs.