PNM Retrofit Rebate Program Yes local businesses there is some relief for you with the help of the PNM Retrofit Rebate Program which offers two options for a PNM business customer:


1) Prescriptive Rebates

Prescriptive rebates (selected from a pre-set menu of common retrofit measures) are for installing qualifying equipment in new and existing buildings, which include:

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting (Interior, Exterior/Dusk-to-Dawn/12-Hour, and 24/7, Garage, 3-Shift Operation)
    • Linear fluorescent retrofits
    • LED lamps and fixtures
    • T8 and T5 fixtures
    • Compact fluorescents (CFLs) (no longer available in 2016)
    • HID fixtures (no longer available in 2016)
    • LED Exit signs
    • Occupancy controls
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    • Premium efficiency AC systems
    • Premium efficiency air source heat pumps
    • High efficiency water and air cooled chillers
    • NEW for 2016: Indirect Evaporative Cooling
  • Refrigeration (Food Service, Grocery, Convenience Store)
    • Strip curtains for walk-ins
    • Night covers for refrigerated display cases
    • Anti-sweat heater controls
    • High efficiency evaporator fan motors
    • Evaporator fan motor controls
    • LED case lighting
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified solid-door and glass-door freezers
    • Electronically commutated motors for walk-in coolers and freezers
    • High-efficiency ice makers
  • Food Service Equipment (ENERGY STAR® qualified)
    • Ovens
    • Cabinets
    • Cookers
    • Beverage vending machines
    • NEW for 2016: Commercial vat fryers and griddles
  • Premium Efficiency Motors and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  • Window Film
  • Plug Load Controls
    • On beverage vending machines, refrigerated coolers and snack machines
    • Plug load occupancy sensors
  • NEW for 2016: Industrial Equipment
    • Industrial 3-Phase High Frequency Battery Charger
    • NEMA Premium Low Voltage Dry-Type Distribution Transformers (single-phase and 3-phase)

2) Custom Rebates

You can also apply for a Custom Rebate to reduce energy use with a system improvement that is not included on the prescriptive (pre-set) menu. Custom rebates are calculated using $0.075 per estimated first year kilowatt hour (kWh) saved.

Click here to access our Rebate Applications (writable PDFs).

PNM Trade Allies are approved contractors who can provide you with estimates, install equipment, and assist you with the application process. Click here to access our Trade Ally List.

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