I am a small business owner and I teamed up with PNM about 6 years ago when PNM was facing a challenge of the “old way of thinking and business” with “a new path with forward”. After listening to their issues and customers about wanting more renewable sources rather than the more pollutant, global warming barbaric way of energy production and process also considering the conversion to harvest from our abundance of natural renewable energy sources in New Mexico, PNM was making plans to change their way of business and practice and I wanted to be part of that solution.

For many years now,  I’ve seen the environmental community work tirelessly and sometimes crazily for decades to get PNM to shut down the San Juan Coal plant and now all their hard work may become a reality sooner rather than later and with our help, that time is up.

In the current roundhouse session, there is a Senate Bill (SB47 to be exact) or “Energy Redevelopment Bond Act” that has been introduced by Jacob R. Candelaria and Steven P. Neville that I believe needs to pass to help PNM on their mission to go green. This bill, as it is currently written, will provide PNM the financial assistance with closing down the 2nd coal producing mine safely, rebuilding the San Juan Valley, building a new “Green Energy” infrastructure for its clients throughout New Mexico.

PNM and New Mexico has the opportunity to finally be a leader in our nation along with the 13 other states that have started this incredible push for the nation to go green. By passing the Energy Redevelopment Bond Act allowing energy companies to move towards a healthier and more sustainable energy sources. Consider all that is NOT happening at the national level when it comes to environmental protection, it’s pretty clear that for the foreseeable future, the only way we can continue to protect the planet is at the local/state level and in the private sector. Which is exactly what this bill is going to do! This is our chance to speak up to Washington and let them know that their lack of urgency to change and is not our problem and we will not stop finding creative and forward-thinking ways to continue to protect our environment in our corner of the nation.

Here’s the loudest message we can direct to the current Federal administration that we can send collectively.

When I started working with PNM they were just beginning to talk about the idea of figuring out how to go green and with a projection, at the time, of 30 years to make the move has all changed now with the “Energy Redevelopment Act” which we can help PNM make this change in just 6 years instead of 30.  PNM can finally move forward and help New Mexico lead the way with the other rebel 13 states to move to a more renewable, sustainable and more importantly, a smarter energy future.

None the less, what I am a trying to say is if we want change statewide, nationwide or worldwide we all must act locally and that is what PNM is trying to do. Change isn’t easy for most especially a business that is used to doing business one way for over 100 years. Great to see that if a small business can adapt to change, then we all can adapt to the greatest change, we environmentalist, have wanted for a very long time. I have to say that I admire and model PNM as a large business (corporation) to take on this challenge to make us a national leader.