In honor of Veterans Day, PNM is providing free Virtual Home Energy Checkups to veterans the entire month of November

As Veterans Day approaches on November 11th, PNM wants to honor those who have served our great country. Now, until November 30th, receive a FREE Virtual Home Energy Checkup to Veterans.

Along with multiple energy-savings products, completely free of charge. It is the company’s way of saying thank you to those who have risked their lives to keep the rest of us safe.

“I’m so happy we are able to offer this program to our veterans,” said Melissa Leymon, Manager of Customer Programs, for PNM. “We know there’s nothing we can do to repay our veterans for the debt we owe them as citizens.

We hope this at least shows them how much we value the commitment and sacrifices they’ve made to protect all the things we each hold dear.”

Veterans who take advantage of this offer will receive a free virtual energy assessment that will help them save money on their bills going forward. They will also receive the following energy-saving products for free:

  • Up to 40 ENERGY STAR® LED dimmable light bulbs
  • One LED night-light
  • Up to two efficient-flow shower heads
  • Two bathroom-faucet aerators
  • One kitchen-faucet aerator
  • Two smart power strips
  • Up to six feet of pipe insulation

All of these products are valued at $127.24 and are designed to help save energy and water, increase comfort, and lower the monthly bill.

Signing up for a free a PNM Home Energy Checkup is simple and only takes 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Answer the eligibility questions and schedule a virtual PNM Home Energy Checkup.

Step 3: Complete your virtual PNM Home Energy Checkup.

Step 4: Receive your free kit of energy-saving products, delivered to your door.

Don’t Forget to sign up your Vet for their FREE Virtual Home Energy Checkups to veterans the entire month of November!