Earth Day and Earth Month

As part of Earth Day and Earth Month, PNM joined forces with in a worldwide effort called “The Great Global Cleanup,” in which millions of people and communities around the world cleaned up their corner of the earth.

PNM was the only utility to participate in the Great Global Cleanup.

As part of its involvement, PNM asked its employees and the community-at-large to participate in small group cleanups, individual cleanups, or “plogging,” which is picking up trash while jogging.

Throughout the month of April, PNM Resources employees and customers participated in 21 cleanups with many of the cleanups taking place in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Over 80 people participated in the cleanups.

As a result, over 90 bags of trash were collected, totaling an estimated 2200 gallons of trash!

“The pandemic has impacted communities in many ways, including the upsurge of waste due to the disposable products. This was our way of helping alleviate this problem.

Together, I believe we all made a difference in our corner of the earth,” says Pat Vincent-Collawn, President, CEO Chairman, of PNM.

Although Earth Day is over, PNM is encouraging its employees and customers to continue these efforts going forward.

Together, we can continue to restore our earth not just on Earth Day and Earth Month but EVERYDAY!

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