Zozobra 2020 coming to your Home for Free on Friday, September 4, 2020

Wonder why Zozobra growls so much? Cause he has a tortilla in his mouth! ha!

Partnership with KOAT Channel 7 makes the 96th Burning of Zozobra accessible to all New MexicansSanta Fe, NM –

Heads up! Zozobra is coming to your home!

Save the date, Labor Day Friday, September 4, 2020.Zozobra is New Mexico’s special one-of-a-kind holiday.

An event like no other, it’s our own historic way to rid our state of gloom. Zozobra has always been a family affair, so make a big plate of your favorite New Mexican food, and grab a front-row seat on your couch with the kids.

Post pictures of your Zozobra meal to show how you’re getting ready to say Adios to a year’s worth of anxiety and gloom that will go up in smoke as Old Man Gloom goes down in flames.

This year, New Mexico’s oldest and gloomiest celebrity will be making a personal appearance in the home of every New Mexican who tunes in to KOAT Channel 7. In recognition of health considerations and public gathering concerns, the Santa Fe Kiwanis Club is inviting everyone to watch the Burning of Zozobra for free on television or the web so that every New Mexican can share in this 96-year-old tradition with no barriers to access, thanks to a great partnership with KOAT Channel 7, New Mexico’s ABC affiliate.

The telecast/webcast allows New Mexicans from the mountain valleys of Taos and the red rocks of Gallup to the eastern plains of Portales, the heights and westside of ‘Burque and the palm trees of Las Cruces to enjoy this truly New Mexican tradition.

Event Chair Ray Sandoval says, “We want to make it easy and free for everyone throughout our state to stay home and stay safe as they watch Zozobra burn. We are especially grateful to KOAT Channel 7 for making it so accessible and free to all New Mexicans. My top priority was to make sure that our abuelitas would be able to share a special evening and create lasting memories together with their kids and grandkids without trying to surf the web.

“With the event airing live on TV and streaming on the web, no one will miss out and everyone will stay safe because the 96th Burning of Zozobra on Friday, September 4, 2020 will be a strictly no-crowd event. Event Chair Sandoval also notes, “The Kiwanis Club is also aware of and sympathetic to the budget problems of Zozobra’s home town.

So without any crowd to manage, there’s less of a burden on City of Santa Fe personnel and resources too.”Every part of the iconic tradition that New Mexicans know and love will be in the mix –– the gloomies, the torchbearers, the bonfires, the fireworks, and of course, a full-sized Zozobra battling his mortal enemy, the Fire Spirit.

Will New Mexicans be able to call forth enough goodness and hope to bring the Fire Spirit to life this year? Only our spirit of unity and our collective faith in a brighter future can make that happen –– will you tune in to help us fight the gloom and despair that the coronavirus and Zozobra bring?

Now more than ever, burning our gloom together is a must!The Santa Fe Kiwanis Club is also working on a process for everyone to submit their glooms to burn with Santa Fe’s oldest villain. And Kiwanis promises that each and every gloom submission will be printed out on paper as usual to be stuffed inside Zozobra and burn with him on Friday, September 4th.

Start saving up those gloomy thoughts and stay tuned for more news. Kiwanis sends a Zozobra-sized –– that’s 50-feet-plus –– thank you to our partners at KOAT Channel 7 for an amazing opportunity to ensure that the 96th Burning of Zozobra, New Mexico’s most unforgettable cultural tradition, will burn brightly as a beacon of faith, hope and love for us all.

Our commitment to our traditions is unwavering.

Sincerely, Ray Ray Sandoval,
Event Chair for the Burning of Zozobra can be reached by email at burnhim@burnzozobra.com

2020 will be the 96th presentation of The Burning of Will Shuster’s Zozobra, Santa Fe’s unique cultural celebration. The members of The Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe volunteer thousands of hours every year in preparation for burning Zozobra and we will burn your gloom in 2020 as planned on Friday, September 4, 2020.