Sunday, January 20th
Total Lunar Eclipse will be taking place and we should all get out of the city and head out to the desert or high mountains to get a clear view.

7:36 PM
Penumbral Eclipse Begins. The Earth’s Penumbra Start Touching The Moon’s Face.

8:33 PM
Partial Eclipse Begins. Partial Moon Eclipse Starts – Moon Is Getting Red.

9:41 PM
Total Eclipse Begins. Total Moon Eclipse Starts – Completely Red Moon.

10:12 PM
Maximum Eclipse. Moon Is Closest To The Center Of The Shadow.

10:43 PM
Total Eclipse Ends. Total Moon Eclipse Ends.

11:50 PM
Partial Eclipse Ends. Partial Moon Eclipse Ends.

12:48 AM
Penumbral Eclipse Ends. The Earth’s Penumbra Ends.