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The Hollyhocks at El Farol

The Hollyhocks

Canyon Road Will NEVER be the same!

The stars have finally aligned themselves making it possible for The HollyHocks to play their debut performance at one of Santa Fe’s most Historic Venues around….El Farol.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were never able to make it happen….until now!

So get ready Santa Fw and put on your dancing shoes and grab yourself a friend or two and meet us at Canyon Road’s El Farol on February 15th!

That’s right, the day AFTER Valentines Day. February 15th is a day to celebrate Life, Gratitude and Self Love!

You don’t need a partner to come to this party. This is all about supporting one another for who we are as individuals. Some of the finest Original Alt/Country, Desert Rock Tunes Santa Fe has to offer.

Do we play covers?

Well, it’s not what we build our show around, but we do pride ourselves on choosing a few unique songs that fit our style of Original Music and I promise you, you will be dancing well into the night!

See you there!
February 15th, 2020
El Farol
808 Canyon Road