Wise Fool New Mexico Presents: The Circus of Lost Dreams
directed by Apollo Garcia with musical direction by Tara Khozein

Friday May 1st, 7pm
Saturday May 2nd, 2pm and 7pm

Tickets $5 for kids, $10-$15 sliding scale for adults
Advanced tickets available at www.wisefoolnewmexico.org

In the dream world, anything is possible. Children fly, kings are ten feet tall, armchairs turn into pets, nymphs roll by on one wheel or tumble through the air. But what happens when someone tries to steal your dreams? Only the spirit of curiosity can overcome the forces of evil, or at least the evil queen and her minions, the corporate bureaucracy, schoolyard taunts, and the obstacles of every day life that keep us from achieving the stuff of our imagination.

This is the world created in The Circus of Lost Dreams, the inaugural production of Wise Fool’s newest program CircAspire. Performed by Wise Fool’s up and coming youth and adult pre-professional performers, and featuring live and recorded music by some of Santa Fe’s favorite musicians, The Circus of Lost Dreams promises to thrill and delight, to captivate the eyes and the ears, and maybe, just maybe to inspire you to recapture some of your own lost dreams. Remember, it’s never too late to run away with the circus!

Suitable for children and adults of all ages!

poster artwork by Nina Wrigth