nolateteA very special jazz show this Thursday March 24th, as NolaTet starts the western swing of their national tour right here in Santa Fe at The High Note! Show starts at 8:00 pm. $20. Reservations accepted.

Call 505-231-9918. Don’t miss this one!

When music is truly happening, it is the boss. When music is kinetic and meaningful, it has it’s own agenda. When music is meant to be played, the music itself will find a way. This is how the Nolatet came into being; the music demanded it. These four men have been in each other’s lives, either in close proximity or as distant heroes for many years. Johnny Vidacovich (drums) and James Singleton (upright bass) have been New Orleans’ best rhythm section since 1977. Mike Dillon (vibes and percussion) and Brian Haas (piano) have been sharing co-bills and sitting in with each other’s bands on the same touring circuit for over 20 years. All four musicians are fiercely independent iconoclasts and bandleaders who compose, play and navigate their musical lives in their own unique way.

As like vibration always attracts like vibration, it is no surprise that after years of loose collaboration with each other the four should finally become one with the formation of the Nolatet. After five shows in New Orleans in January 2015, the quartet ducked into New Orleans’ famed Esplanade Studios to record their debut album, Dogs. Set for release February 26 via Royal Potato Family, the collection features all original material influenced by the diverse lives and perceptions of these four jazz avatars. While traditional jazz is the backbone and starting point for the Nolatet’s musical language, each member’s piercing individuality allows innovation to be a constant throughout the album. The entire album was recorded in one day, all first or second takes with no overdubs. Sketches for compositions were in place, but ultimately this is improvised music made in the moment with wild abandon and in a state of complete respect for and by each human involved.