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el flamenco santa feSanta Fe’s newest venue has just put the final touches to their grand opening and they are ready to serve and entertain you! El Flamenco Santa Fe is the resident home for EntreFlamenco’s great (and Maria Benitez trained) dancers, Antonio Granjero and Estefania Rameriez. Inside the El Flamenco Santa Fe, at 135 W. Palace Ave) we, as a whole, will witness the classics, the historic and the future of Flamenco dance before our very eyes.

Performances, classes, private studies, private events and so much more happening in this new studio.

For more info please visit:  http://www.entreflamenco.com

I hope a number of you Santa Feanos come out and support tradition and two of our own who are trying to make a difference. I am super proud of Antonia and Estefania for their hard work and dedication to their craft and our community!

See you at the opening!

Wednesday ~ Saturday

7:30 PM

135 W. Palace Ave. Santa Fe 87505