Feb 13th 2016
Warehouse 21. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Culture Collection V1:
A MultiCultural MultiSensory Experience in the Arts.

Culture Collection v1 is a multimedia experience featuring live musical performances interwoven with a fine art exhibition, curated video art, live painting, dj’s, vendors, poets, food and more! Join us for an evening that cross stitches the fabric of our city different with a vibrant global arts community, erasing the borders of artistic mediums & bringing us together under one roof for a night of dance and celebration!

Featured live performances – Santa Fe album release party for Def-I plus Wake Self, Brian Haas (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey) & Mikey Chavez as “Phat Minotaur” feat special guest MC Raashan Ahmad, and Gary Blackchild.

Poets – Moni, Sara Roman, Bianca Sanchez plus more.

Gallery Artists – Alicia Piller, Justice Whitaker, Angie Poynter, Allan Armenta, Omen, GthreeM, JaySmiley

Live Painters – JaySmiley, Bianca Sanchez

Venders – MzKats Kreations, Theater Noir, AliciaP, 2StonedBetties, Allan Armenta, Afterlife Alchemy, Perish, Hyperclash

5 bucks.