SFAI and SWAIA are pleased to present the next Conversations @ SFAI. We ask, how do Native artists and collectors navigate the ethical quandaries around the production and collection of heritage based objects? Can collecting be considered predatory in nature? How does meaning and valuation change when making work for a market that sometimes fetishizes the cultural significance of objects?

This conversation coincides with SFAI’s hosting of SWAIA Residency Fellows, the Rasmuson Foundation Fellow, and Canada Council for the Arts Fellows, all residency partnerships that directly support Native North American Artists.

SFAI is a cultural organization that seeks to address a critical question. How can SFAI cultivate creative practices (from fine art to design to urban planning and beyond), engage with diverse communities and address the most pressing social issues of our time?

SWAIA brings Native arts to the world by inspiring artistic excellence, fostering education, and creating meaningful partnerships.

Conversations @ SFAI are held at SFAI, 1600 St. Michaels Dr. For more information, call 505.424.5050, or contact Residency Program Manager Nina Elder at nelder@sfai.org

Wednesday August 26th

Santa Fe Art Institute

1600 St. Michael’s Drive