Circus Luminous – created by Wise Fool New Mexico and presented by Lensic Performing Arts Center – hits the stage again this Thanksgiving Weekend. Continuing the tradition of “keeping wonder alive” since 2003, the 14th annual Circus Luminous features local aerialists, acrobats, dancers, and actors
in a contemporary circus theater production that will dazzle and delight all ages. Directed by Deirdre Morris, this year’s production “She Shines Brightly” wanders through a magical garden of giant stilt animals, acrobatic creatures, and scenery that reflects the New Mexico landscape. Wise Fool adds their unique touch to “the art of creating wonder with the human body” by melding puppetry and storytelling with virtuosic ground and aerial acrobatic performance.

“Looking through the lens of the natural world, we come to understand the journey of a feminine experience over four seasons,” says Morris. “The show soars with fun and joy, tumbles through the vagaries of love and children, finds grace in aging and wisdom, and balances vulnerability with intuition.”.

Circus Luminous features a cast of more than 20 local performers from Wise Fool New Mexico, including intergenerational acts that feature moms and their sons performing acts that reflect the constant balance of being a parent, a friend, a teacher and a comfort. Other acts speak to the poetic sensibilities of the feminine experience via acts of strength, grace, humor, love, vulnerability and magic!

“In the tradition of circuses through history, Wise Fool brings us together across generations to remember that anything is possible! With our family and community there to “lift us up” we celebrate and transform our world!” says Amy Christian, Wise Fool New Mexico’s artistic director.

Circus Luminous 2017 includes an original musical score written by Jeremy Bleich and performed by a live orchestra, as well as stunning visuals and costuming by a host of local artists and builders.

Wise Fool New Mexico is a nonprofit theatre arts project created and staffed by local women artists with a passion for creating the world we envision through the arts. It is Wise Fool’s mission to ignite imagination, build community, and promote social justice through performances and hands-on experiences in the arts of circus, puppetry, and theatre.

Wise Fool New Mexico: “Changing Lives One Circus at a Time!”

November 24 – 26 7PM and one 2PM matinee on Saturday Nov. 25th