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Fat Tuesday is happening this week and the boys of Baracutanga want you to join them as they bring their world music to the home of Santa Fe nightlife and Santa Fe’s longest running bar, Evangelos.

BARACUTANGA is an African voicing that means “people dancing”. Because of its onomatopoeic sound, it’s a reminder of the percussive instruments that were dispersed throughout the Americas by African diaspora that has vitally nurtured our native cultures. BARACUTANGA is a group of experienced musicians of diverse backgrounds and origins that proposes to build bridges between the south and the north, overcoming the barriers of discrimination. The south conjugates the past and the future and it is there where we find our roots as a key to survive in a modern world. Our music carries a message of reflection to ignite a positive change of attitudes; which must begin within us and with the acknowledgement of cultural pluralism.

Join us for Fat Tuesday as Baracutanga makes its debut at Evangelos along side The Gunsels. We are bringing a worldly party to Santa Fe this Tuesday starting at 7PM.