2020 is shaping up to be a very different year. Rather than you coming to us for Market, we’re bringing Market to you. It’s just plain safer for all of us that way.

We have set up a Youtube channel and we’ll be live-streaming demonstrations and conversations with the potters in the list below on the days indicated below. Should you wish to ask your own questions, there is a pop-up box for each of the potters in the list. Just open it, fill in the data requested and submit it. The link for each demonstration will be live about 24 hours before that demonstration begins. We’ll do our best to call you back on that day and let you join in the live conversation.

All of these presentations will be recorded and made available again on our Youtube channel after Labor Day (we’ll need some time to process everything). For now, at the end of the day we move today’s presentation to the bottom of the list in preparation for tomorrow’s demonstration. All the links are still in place so you can go back to see the live versions of previous demonstrations.

Our August 2020 Virtual Demonstration Schedule

Thursday, Aug 13
11 am to 4 pm MDTSandra & Cletus VictorinoAcoma Pueblo
Friday, Aug 14
11 am to 1 pm, MDT, via Zoom only

Richard Zane Smith


  Saturday, Aug 15
11 am to 4 pm MDT

Clarence Cruz

Ohkay Owingeh

Tuesday, Aug 18
11 am to 4 pm MDT

Kevin, Joe & Eunice Naranjo

Santa Clara Pueblo

    Wednesday, Aug 19
1 pm to 4 pm MDT

Sherry Tafoya

Santa Clara Pueblo

Thursday, Aug 20
11 am to 4 pm MDT

Jackie Shutiva

Acoma Pueblo

Friday, Aug 21
11 am to 4 pm MDT

Carolyn Concho

Acoma Pueblo

Saturday, Aug 22
1 pm to 4 pm MDT

Sammy Naranjo & Melony Gutierrez

Santa Clara Pueblo

    Tuesday, Aug 25
11 am to 4 pm MDT

Candelaria Suazo

Santa Clara Pueblo

Wednesday, Aug 26
1 pm to 3 pm MDT

Angie Yazzie

Taos Pueblo

Thursday, Aug 27
11 am to 4 pm MDT

Diane Lewis & Judy Lewis

Acoma Pueblo

  Friday, Aug 28
11 am to 4 pm MDT

Carlos Laate

Zuni Pueblo

Saturday, Aug 29
11 am to 3 pm MDT

Marilyn Ray

Acoma Pueblo

Tuesday, Aug 4
11 am to 4 pm MDTRuby PananaZia Pueblo
Wednesday, Aug 5
1 pm to 4 pm MDTThomas TenorioSanto Domingo Pueblo
Thursday, Aug 6
11 am to 4 pm MDTHubert CandelarioSan Felipe Pueblo
Friday, Aug 7
11 am to 4 pm MDTPaula Estevan & Robert Kasero Sr.Acoma and Laguna Pueblos
Saturday, Aug 8
11 am to 4 pm MDTMarvin & Frances Martinez
and Marvin Lee MartinezSan Ildefonso Pueblo
Tuesday, Aug 11
11 am to 4 pm MDTRebecca & Amanda LucarioAcoma Pueblo
Wednesday, Aug 12
11 am to 4 pm MDTWilma Baca TosaJemez Pueblo