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The Cryosauna


The CryosaunaThis is not a sauna that will make your cry but it will help you detoxify and nurture your immune system and your vital organs. Come by the Light Vessel Spa and step into a chamber surrounded by dry, cold air for 1-3 minutes where the temperature of your skin initially drops approximately 32 degrees before rising to 95 degrees.  The benefits are many, including enriched blood supply which creates favorable conditions for internal organ regeneration and for expelling of toxins from subcutaneous layers. You experience rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level while “burning” between 700 to 800 calories per session.  And as a bonus, enjoy the release of endorphins for hours.  If you have extremely high blood pressure, you are not a candidate for Cryotherapy.

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We have the only Cryosauna in the state of New Mexico!