Join us as we clean up the community for our new Litter Pick Up Project!
Our Who I Am Foundation volunteers in #SantaFe will be picking up litter safely!
We will be cleaning up General Franklin E Miles Park, located at 1027 Camino Carlos Rey Santa Fe NM 87505 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm!
None of us like the sight of litter. Litter spoils the look of where we live but that’s not the only reason for picking up litter.
There are a number of benefits from picking up litter that you may not have considered before so here are some great reasons to get involved:
-Safer environment
-Litter = more litter
People will be less likely to litter if they are in an area with little amount of litter or are surrounded by people who make a conscious effort to discard waste properly.
-Send a message
We can all send different messages to people who see us picking litter. If somebody sees you picking up trash it can really help inspire others to get involved to make a real difference. One message resonates and that is to take pride in the place you call home.
-Protect wildlife
Wild animals and domesticated animals are trapped in discarded litter every day around the world so if wildlife is a passion or animals in general then why not get out into nature and collect just one bag of litter! Doing this will help protect the wildlife in your area making sure they are still there in years to come.
-Create a community with Litter Pick Up Project
At first it can seem quite embarrassing, picking up litter. Once you remove yourself from the situation and stop caring what people think them you will soon see that people actually appreciate what you are doing. Why not inspire people to get involved and see if they would like to join you in making a difference. Doing this can be great because it creates a community where people can become friends allowing people to socialize and develop skills that can benefit in both a personal and professional environment.