Full Moon Ritual Salt Cave

Join us for an hour of ritual in the Santa Fe Salt Cave as we come together to release during the Full Moon each month.

This month’s Full moon is in Libra.
Environment is essential when practicing ritual and release work, and the Salt Cave provides the perfect backdrop as a natural facilitator of cleansing, detoxification and grounding.
During this special and sacred ritual event you will learn more about this month’s moon cycle, including themes and areas to focus on. We will also identify issues, patterns and items we would like to release from our lives, and work with the collective group energy to let them go.
You’ll leave the evening’s event with a greater sense of focus and purpose, thoughts and ideas of what to work on and with in the coming weeks, as well as the energetic benefit of physical, emotional and mental release.
Space is limited. Cost is $50 + tax. You can purchase your ticket here, or at www.santafesaltcave.com, or call 505-365-2875.
Sharna Langlais, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Aromatherapist & Herbalist
Sharna works with clients internationally, helping them uncover the source of wounds and blockages so they can live freer, fuller and brighter lives.
Using Reiki, meditation, and energy therapy, she facilitates a holistic journey toward healing. Sharna is a certified Reiki Master, Say it Straight Communication Trainer, herbalist and aromatherapist as well as an intuitive. She writes for MindBodyGreen on Reiki healing, and maintains healing practices in San Diego, CA and Santa Fe, NM and has clients in eight countries, and thirty three states in the US.
She travels worldwide to work with clients, teach and lead healing retreats. A skilled and passionate teacher and facilitator, she has been leading groups, workshops and classes for over 15 years.
Learn more on her website, http://SeekSparkShine.com, or follow her on Instagram (http://Instagram.com/SharnaLanglais), Facebook (http://Facebook.com/SeekSparkShine) and/or Twitter (http://Twitter.com/Sharnalanglais).