Santa Fe VIP History Walking Tour

Welcome to the Santa Fe VIP History Walking Tour we appreciate you clicking on our site.

Thank you for visiting and we are ready to give you a history tour that will have you walking through over 400 to 1000 years of history in less in just over a 1 mile on a beautiful 2 hour walk downtown Santa Fe,.

Walk and see where Spanish conquistadors ruled, where Billy the Kid was incarcerated, or learn about masterpieces completed in the Palace of the Governors visit important adobe churches of New Mexico.

See beautiful landscapes and architecture that inspires the world. Learn about some of the great characters that make up the history of one of the most notorious states in the union.

We will walk through 400 years of stories, architecture, culture, healers, and a few demons all wrapped up in this hour and a half tour, so book a tour today and get on the best tour of this ancient city and experience Santa Fe like never before.

This tour truly offers points and views not seen my most guest! A truly one of a kind experience with all the inside scoop of not just the past but of current issues facing Santa Fe today.

Travel like a VIP & Please join us…

$60 per person with a souvenir app full of historic photos, other points of interest not just in Santa Fe but for the entire surrounding areas including Española, the birthplace of New Mexico. Also included a tour of the infamous (Atomic City) Los Alamos with points pertaining to the original Top Secret mission: the Manhattan Project!

We are no pleased to offer the beginning of tours for the Albuquerque area including history and a fun things to do in Albuquerque tours so there’s fun for the entire family.

Departing Times as follows to Book A Santa Fe VIP History Walking Tour:

9   am – Morning Walk

Meeting Place:

Tee’s and Skis located at 107 Washington Ave (the Northeast corner of the plaza with all the chile ristras and t-shirts).

Book Today by calling/texting 505-577-6969 to reserve your spot for a History or Haunted “Spirits” Tour!



Victor Romero, known as “The Santa Fe VIP” is not just a tour guide but a concierge, touring informant, and Santa Fe expert due to his 30+ career in hospitality. Creator of this website showcasing “All things Fun” in Santa Fe and the surrounding area. Victor has been giving tours to hotel guest for over 10 years now and still loves his city and ensuring every visitor knows EVERYTHING about Santa Fe, it’s history, it’s food and especially its culture.
Victor also has deep family roots in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

Victor is also available for hire for tours to the surrounding area including Los Alamos, Espanola Valley including Chimayo and the Ghost Ranch.

Book your tour TODAY by texting Victor at 505-577-6969
please include your full name, number in your party and the date and time you are interested and a text will be returned to you with in the hour of your text. 

Victor giving a Private Tour