315’s Full Rack of Pork Spare Ribs Dinner for Two May Become Our Most Popular To-Go Dinner Yet!
Months into this pandemic the number one question has been a bit more difficult this year as opposed to many, “What’s for dinner?”
Answer that with “Dinner To Go from 315 Restaurant! You can choose from French Fried Chicken, Spare Ribs, or Branzino or consider the classics like the charturteree or cheese plate with delicious sides like the famous spinach or French Onion Soup and let us not forget you sweet tooth…DESSERT!
315’s Organic French Fried Chicken Dinner for Two with Winter Squash Soup, French Green Beans, Farmers Market Mashed Potatoes, & Apple Cobbler has been popular since we started our To-Go Dinners over the summer. However, it now has some competition. Our new To-Go dinners are growing in popularity!
The Full Rack of Pork Spare Ribs Dinner for Two with Fried Rice, Vegetable Spring Rolls, & Apricot Red Chile Sauce just may receive more orders in a month’s time. That is for you to decide! Place your order for either of these delicious dinners at www.315santafe.com to help us determine a winner.
Of course, our other fantastic To-Go Dinners for Two are in the running.
Our Whole Duck à l’Orange Dinner for Two with Creamy Spinach and Sweet Potato Purée and our Cassoulet Dinner for Two with Braised Endive Salads & Pumpkin Parfaits may just beat out the French Fried Chicken Dinner & the Full Rack of Pork Spare Ribs. It’s too soon to say.
Cast your vote by ordering one of our amazing To-Go Dinners for Two today!
Simply visit 315santafe.com to place your order with the date and time for pickup. Dinner can still be the best part of your day!
There’s much more to order, view the entire menu for full dinners here!