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Mozzarella Making


Roll up your sleeves and get up to the elbows in ooey-gooey curd! This hands-on mozzarella making class covers everything from the origins “pasta filata” (spun- or stretched-curd) cheeses to the science of transforming local milk into curds & whey. In mozzarella making we’ll cover making curd from scratch before attendees participate in the stretching of the curd—a technique that is key to making traditional mozzarella. Each student will leave with a hand-stretched ball of mozz as well as fresh curd to stretch at home. Attendees are asked to wear a clean cotton overshirt & head covering, and refrain from wearing perfumes and other strong scents. Participants should bring two reusable containers in which to take finished cheese & curds home from the class.

Thursday October 29th, 2015

7PM ` 9PM


Tickets: http://www.cheesemongersofsantafe.com/#!classes/c1nip