The PASEO 2018 outdoor art festival will explore SPACE – inner and outer space. “Who are we?” “Where we do come from?” “Where are we going?” These are questions PASEO 2018’s artists will probe through immersive and participatory art installations in Taos Historic District on September 14 and 15, 2018. 7pm-11pm

This year’s festival forefronts the role of art, science and technology to contemplate our place in nature and reimagine society. Participants’ senses will be activated, curiosities stimulated, and minds transported to a wondrous universe in flux. Mark your calendars!

The highlight of the festival is Space Cloud, designed by Espacio La Nube, a design/architectural team in Madrid, Spain. It is an inflatable pavilion made of air and light housing multiple events and installations. First time in the USA!


Push Pull Turn by Parker Laughlin Jennings of Santa Fe is a social experiment requiring investigation, communication, and participation. You’ll start in outer space and end up right here in Taos.

Noise Aquarium by Victoria Vesna in collaboration with Dr. Alfred Vendl, with Martina Fröschl and Glenn Bristol, project animated 3D models of plankton obtained with scientific imaging techniques and interactive sound. This beautiful and haunting installation aims to raise consciousness about the underwater noise pollution that threatens our oceans.

Cosmic Systems by Visiophone Lab of Portugal invites visitors to interact with sound and visuals in a dance with swarming particles. Each hour, Ballet Taos will perform within Cosmic System.

Interium by Noisefold with Cory Metcalf from Colorado brings otherworldly landscapes and the visceral presence of alien life to the participating audience through virtual reality.

Conformation by Reilly Donovan from Seattle, Washington creates virtual realities where users immerse themselves in a world of constantly moving and changing abstract geometries. Strap on your headset and get ready to paint in 3D space with virtual reality!

COSMOS: Total Universe by New York artists Rekha and Chika combine south-Asian electronic sounds with a geometric light performance for an unforgettable dance experience. 10-11:30pm nightly.


Circular Dimensions by Cristopher Cichocki of Coachella Valley, California is a multi-sensory installation environment featuring a live laboratory of “microscopic video paintings” performed with digital microscopes, 3D glasses and live projections.

Indigenous Cosmology Meets Particle Physics by the Projecting Particles Collective performs a live Tagtool painting on to the outside of the tipi to express indigenous and western explorations of the universe, while the audience participates in the weaving of a dreamcatcher inside.


Gleamscape by AudioPixel lets everyone play with musical instruments to send ripples of color and 3D patterns across an immersive landscape of LEDs in Parr Field.

GLOWpod – (G)rowing (L)ife on (O)ther (W)orlds by The Social Media Workgroup directed by Andrea Polli from UNM Albuquerque. The piece invites participants into a space between a greenhouse and an extra-terrestrial nursery. Enter the GLOWpod and use the goggles to gather information and stories about the life inside.

“2U” by Billie Mitchell of Santa Fe gives the illusion of looking into a virtual mirror. Walk into “2U,” see yourself in an altered reality, and if you like, receive a picture of yourself too.

Cross-Pollination Portraits is by local artists Heather Bergerson, Sarah Stolar, Enrico Trujillo and the community of the UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts and Fine Art Departments. Through coding and the use of electronic gaming equipment, the audience engages in the digital weaving of unique human features into oneness.

We Are All Space in Time, curated by Erin Elder, is a collection of four site-responsive interactions, installations, and experiments that acknowledge the complexities of coexistence. Merging poetry, film, performance, and surveillance, this group of artworks explores the human experience of living together in space and time. The four artworks:

No Grounds by Sarah Ashkin is a lightly scripted, audience participatory performance about people’s relationship to property.

Private Party by Anaïs Duplan is a live film shoot that includes the audience and explores the friction between technology and intimacy.

Live Stream by Christine Howard Sandoval is a live-streamed performance using surveillance technology to channel disappearing waterways in and around Taos.

CauseLines: Coherence/Interference by Winter Count (Ginger Dunnill, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Dylan McLaughlin) is an audience-generated sound performance based on video projection of the nearby Chevron Questa Mine Superfund site.


Colorful Cosmos by Twirl explores the universe through a multi-faceted approach to the art of the Mandala, a symbolic representation of the cosmos. (Twirl courtyard)

All Roads Lead to the Same Place by Ollie Bell combines multiple projections to bring Teresina Lane (northwest corner of the plaza) into a multi-dimensional space.

A dance party under the stars curated by DJ Oliver transforms the plaza nightly with light and sound. Food trucks and installations from local galleries activate the heart of the historic district.


Celebration of art with gallery openings and evening displays.
John Dunn Walkway and Bent Street

A Grand Block Party, with glam trash fashions on display, light show, and food carts and installations by a few local artists:

Taos Water Protectors by ManifeSTATION Station is an interactive installation involving video projections, typewriters, and poetry, all feeding into a living, growing sound bath about our water crisis.

For the fifth year, The PASEO will be a platform for random acts of art. Expect the unexpected!

STEMarts@The PASEO Youth program is in full swing engaging middle and high school students throughout Taos County. Stay tuned for more!