SITE Santa Fe’s Billboard Project began in 2017 with the opening of SITE’s new building. Bridging the gap between the museum and the public, the Billboard Project introduces art into public space and invites community engagement. 

NINA ELDER Adaptations from the Incomplete List series, 2018 

New Mexico-based artist and researcher Nina Elder creates work that examines geologic time, the influence of human activity on the environment, and changing cultures and ecologies. 

Elder’s Incomplete Lists are a part of her ongoing investigation into the act of bearing witness, and reflections on her personal experience of interdisciplinary research. The process begins by trying to answer questions, as exhaustively as possible, in one sitting. For example: What is fleeting? What might offer protection? What is sensitive? Elder then rearranges the words until there is no hierarchy and no pattern. These lists function both as drawings and as poems. 

An Incomplete List of Things That Are Sensitive is depicted against a photo of cracked Indiana limestone, referencing Elder’s ongoing research into quarries, mines, and human interruptions into geologic time. 

An Incomplete List of Things That Protect shows the artist’s hand covered in a fine yellow powder, a mysterious substance that speaks of toxicity. After discovering that many science museums create fake uranium specimens for display, Elder began working with synthetic uranium as well as radioactive charcoal in her visual explorations of the atomic legacy. 

An Incomplete List of Things That Are Fleeting depicts an island of the Southeastern coast of Alaska. This island, an important site for hunting, fishing and seaweed gathering for the Tlingit and Haida peoples, will soon be inaccessible due to rising oceans.

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