Calling all screenwriters and actors for a screenwriters and actors workshop to help you, the new filmmaker!

Suzanne Birrell, moderator of the Screenwriters and Actors of Hollywood group for almost three years, recently moved to Santa Fe and would like to start a similar nurturing group, a like minded community of warm and encouraging writers and actors dedicated to improving their craft here in Santa Fe.

When writers hear their words spoken by trained actors, it brings life and inspiration to their scripts. Actors who bring their talents to the table get a chance to be seen and heard and a chance to hone their cold read chops.

First, everyone introduces themselves (actors: this is your audition).

Scripts are read on a first-come, first-served basis as time allows. The group can usually get through 3-4 scripts per evening. If they don’t get to your script, you are guaranteed a spot the following week. After each script reading, we go around the table and give notes while writer only listens. When it is your turn to give notes, speak about what worked and/or what didn’t work for you as a knowledgeable audience member.

Prepare your script with proper formatting. For some great, simple advice about screenwriting (including “Pixar’s 22 Rules for Phenomenal Storytelling”), go to
• Bring no more than 10 pages.
• Make enough copies of your script so that each character — plus the narrator — will have his/her own to read. Having an actor share a script, read more than one part, or read a part written for a different gender doesn’t work.
• Highlight character names on the script in color so that the part is easy for the reader to find.
• No first drafts.

The writer picks the actors, informs the group as to form and genre and sits back and listens.

ACTORS need to use “stage voices” and bring life to the characters.

Read more about the Hollywood group here:


6-8 PM

Santa Fe Incubator

3900 Paseo del Sol