IAIA Alumni & renowned artists & brothers Thomas & Doug Coffin will be showcasing work with artist receptions on Lincoln Avenue Friday, May 29, 6:00 pm.

Thomas Warner Coffin unveils a new series of mixed media dioramas inspired by his childhood fascination with history museum diorama scenes. They are a product of years of mastering many techniques, and the culmination of observations during years of traveling across the country and around the world. Events throughout his life including his rigorous Catholic school upbringing in Kansas and his fascination with history, World War II in particular, along with his awe of nature’s fury in the form of storms are evoked in this new series of works.

The exhibit also includes Coffins mid century modern inspired abstract contemporary works.

Exhibition for the Thomas & Doug Coffin opens for first Friday Artwalk May 1st thru June. Artist reception Friday May 29th. Contact us directly for a sneak preview of the unique and delicate dioramas Tom Coffin will be unveiling at the event.

Thomas Coffin Inquiries to POP Gallery at 505.820.0788 or Sharla@popsantafe.com. Doug Coffin inquiries to True West Gallery 505- 982-0055.