End Of Year Blowout

In past years, that show has been extra fun, falling between the holidays with more people in town looking for a safe place to enjoy! Julesworks has been presenting its live variety show for some seven years, having just performed the 60th episode of their not quite monthly live showcase of an array of performers in many styles, genres, and tastes.

With a mix of short scripted Playlets, music, lively improv’, impromptu scenes that encourage audience input, involvement and interaction, as well as poetry, games and more. The main goal is to offer any interested performer, artist, and audience members a safe environment, without censoring their material, to share new, different, or sometimes edgier material in a safe, lively, never the same, always unique atmosphere.

Continuing her original ongoing play, Julesworks Loyalist Rose Provan presents a new playlet segment called Gramma Goes On Line in which she continues with her Gramma character sharing some of her thoughts, feelings and concerns on personal issues to which all can relate. This time she calls on help from Julesworks Loyal Performers Ellchemi Ossorio and Jules as well as Christl MacKenzie.

In addition to performance pieces, there will be live music with the hopeful return of the beloved Terry Diers as well as musical introduction by Gregg Turner. It also appears our newest performer from the last show Host Dan B Burkath will be returning.

We strive and hope in each show to meld returning talent and reprising and refining the scope of material mixed with new performers genres and styles and we aim to have music in the mix and plenty of skits to include the audience especially in our Open Slot in which audience members can get on stage at the end of the show to share a short performance piece. Loads of audience participation is encouraged, including asking questions for Ask the Revisionist Historian in which the audience can ask questions of our experts, including our masked young geniuses and Rev Jules.

As usual, there may be literary poetical musical moments including Julesworksers Literary Outburst by Jules Christl & Others Sometimes. And, the Julesworksers will carry on the tradition that the show will end with an Ensemble Musical Finale by the troupe with audience participation encouraged.

So come prepared to interact as well as enjoy.

Friday 7 PM – 9 PM
November 29, 2019
Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma
Santa Fe