Puzzah! Escape Rooms

    January 15, 2022 @ 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM America/Denver Timezone
    Puzzah! Escape Rooms
    500 Market St #107
    Santa Fe, NM 87501
    Prices Vary

    Where else in Santa Fe can you search and find a medieval knight that haunts a pizza parlor or answer the call to be part of an elite crime-fighting team fighting acts of cyberterrorism and if that wasn’t enough how being abducted by aliens and fight you way back to earth?

    Head over to the Railyard and you will find out that you can do all this in one spot inside with Puzzah! Interactive Puzzle Rooms (sandwiched between REI and Violet Crown).

    Putting the clues together with a little help from friends

    Puzzah! Is an interactive puzzle room that is sure to twist the minds of all those that dare to escape these fun-filled, yet challenging quests rooms before time is up or face a fate worse than death (not really but it sounds good)!

    Over the Christmas holiday, I had my best friend in from out of town and needed something fun to break the ice with newest member to our family, his lovely girlfriend. (We will not use names to protect the innocent, ok, these two aren’t innocent but you know what I mean).
    Immediately I thought “there’s nothing better for this situation like an escape room”. I called up Danielle and she set me up with Ryan who booked us for 2 rooms to experience.

    We broke up the two experiences with a break in between, which I highly recommend, as our attitudes, especially towards each other, seemed to have a slight slant after the first experiences.

    Right off the bat, there’s nothing like being locked in a small room with family and friends to see whom will either pull it together or untangle at the seams.

    Abducted by Aliens

    My experience was both.

    Some of my friends/family who I didn’t expect to contribute, pretty much solved or lead us to the answers while those I thought would get us out in 20 minutes struggled. I found this to be the best part of the entire experience. I saw people I love under pressure and let’s just say, I don’t want to be with some as much as others when the ship goes down. Ha!

    The Puzzah puzzle rooms are fun, dynamic, CHALLENGING, high tech and sometimes a bit tricky but so worth the experience and the lasting memories you will create with your family, friends, co-workers and heck try some strangers too. The 3 puzzle rooms will put your mind to the test.

    There are 3 different missions to choose from like:

    Working on the Puzzles

    Specimen: this room has you abducted by aliens, lost in space and you need to figure your way back to earth.

    Knight Shade: Put your ghost hunting skills to the test as you decide to go and see if the story is true about a medieval knight whose spirit haunts our favorite place for pizza, Sir Pizza Lot. Can you shed some light on the Knight Shade before time runs out?

    INTERCEPT:  Cyberterrorism is threatening Santa Fe and you and your elite crime fighting team called M.A.S.K. has formed to respond to the INTERCEPT threat. Your skills are needed to infiltrate enemy bases and defeat hostile agents. Can your team survive and stop the cyberterrorism before it’s too late?

    What are you waiting for?

    More Puzzles To Solve

    Assemble a team and choose your live adventure.

    The high-tech missions are super fun, challenging and an unforgettable hands-on experience for everyone! Don’t forget to enjoy their unique experiences in and around Denver, Boulder, and Santa Fe.

    Inspired by the escape room trend around the world, Puzzah! takes the excitement to the next level.

    CALL 303-534-5477 or visit them at www.puzzah.com and put a little fun in your heart, smile on your faces and laughter in your soul, these are what memories are made of. A great time had by all. Thanks Puzzah!

    Who Survived? We Survived